Refresh the Vibe In Your Living Room With Modern Wallpapers

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The living room is the most occupied space in any house. It hosts guest, relatives, friends, and also business clients. So, don’t you think this area should have a vibe of its own? Rooms mirror the style and personality of the people living in it. Therefore, vibrant and refreshing rooms display the positive vibe of the people living there. It is not a difficult task to update the look of your rooms. Wallpapers are the best tools required for making any sort of updating to the rooms. With advanced technology and creativity, wallpapers have evolved into an all-around aid in interior designing that can make or break any style.

Creative ways to use wallpaper to style up your living rooms

Wallpapers pack a visual punch, which creates a drastic change in the look of the room. There are creative ways to use wallpapers, which are explained below-

  • Have a wall? Paper it!

This is the most common and obvious use of wallpapers- using it to cover walls. Wallpapers have been popular since the century and many styles have come and gone. Today, delicate floral, designer wallpaper, brick wallpaper and the likes are used to create a contemporary style. Depending on the size of the room and the type of furniture used, one can go for either bold graphics wallpapers or other modern wallpapers.

  • Cover half the wall or use two wallpapers

The style of covering half of the wall with wallpaper has been there decades and has not gone out of fashion. You can eithercover the top half or bottom half with wallpaper and keep the non-papered half plain. The intersection of the halves has to be covered with designs such as chair railing or wall borders. This will add elegance to the look of the room. You can also cover the wall with two different types of wallpapers. In this style, the top half of the wall can be covered with intricate floral wallpaper and the half with patterned wallpaper or vice-versa. Again, the intersection has to be covered with chair railing or border to pull off the sleek look.

  • Paper the ceiling

Gone are the days when wallpaper was only used on walls. These can be used to cover the ever-so-plain ceiling to create look. This can be done in many ways. You can wallpaper on side of the wall and extend it further to cover the whole ceiling to give an impactful look to the room. You can go for designer wallpaper or botanical wallpapers to get that punch.

  • Dress up the furniture

Yes, you can use wallpaper furniture. We have seen enough of polished furniture and the maintenance is tough work. You can cover up old furniture with modern wallpaper or black and white wallpaper and give it a fresh look. It is not necessary to give the furniture a wood look; in you can cover it with any wallpaper of your choice.

Wallpapers can be used anywhere and are capable of making a statement look. Come out of your shell and experiment the refreshing looks this paper covers can create on your space.

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