How to Use Damask Wallpaper Around Your Home

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Damask wallpaper adds style and color to any home. The problem is that it can be overused. When adding the patterned and bright colors to your home, you need to follow a few tips. This will help you make the most of it and really draw the attention to your walls for the right reasons.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Bright Shades


Never be afraid to opt for the bright colors. This is the whole point of the wallpaper. However, avoid mixing and matching too much. Consider using a bright color on one wall and then using darker shades on the other walls of the room. This will make your damask wallpaper really stand out.


Think About the Style of Room


What style are you aiming for with the room? Think about this when using the wallpaper on each of the walls. If you want a romantic style, you want to choose romantic colours, like the reds and deep purples. Likewise, if you want something glamorous, you want brighter shades, like the blues and yellows. Use the style that you want when choosing and using the paper around your rooms.


Match the Furniture Already There


Think about the furniture already in the room. This partially comes down to the style that you want but will also help to create the atmosphere. You need to think about more than the colours when it comes to matching the furniture. You will also need to make sure your damask wallpaper patterns match the style. This is very important if you have antique furniture.


Consider the Maintenance


One of the possible downsides of damask wallpaper is the amount of maintenance it requires. Think about this before you start applying it to every wall. This is luxurious but to keep it that way, you need to care for it. Adding it to one wall will make it stand out while creating less maintenance for you.


Consider the style when choosing and using damask wallpaper. This is the best way to make it stand out for all the right reasons. Bold and bright colours are perfect for all types of rooms, whether you need something for the living room or to add romance to your bedroom.

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