Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blue Wallpaper

Posted by sergit 10/12/2014 0 Comment(s) Modern Wallpaper,

Choosing wallpaper is more than just choosing a pattern or color that you like. Just because you love the color blue, doesn't mean that any blue wallpaper will work for your needs. There are different shades of the color, along with different patterns that will work for different tastes, preferences and styles. Choosing Your Shade Most people will have a shade of blue that they prefer. Remember that the wallpaper is going to be on the wall for some time, so pick something that you will enjoy. You could choose navy blue wallpaper or prefer blue and white stripes. You are not limited to just one color. Some people like to do a mixture of navy and light blue wallpaper. This is great if you want to create night and day in your room. Do two walls with the navy blue and add a moon and some stars. The other two walls could be light blue with clouds and sun. Adding Patterns to Your Wall When choosing blue wallpaper, you are not limited to plain colors. There are many different patterns available, whether you want stripes, shapes, swirls or to add blue floral wallpaper to your walls. Think about the amount of walls that you are going to paper for this. For example blue and white wallpaper with stripes may be too much for all four walls but it could be great to draw the attention to one wall. Consider the Room You Are Papering Another point to help you choose blue wallpaper is to think about the room. Not only will this help you think about color and patterns, it will also help you choose the material. There are different types of wallpaper, including woven, which all offer their own pros and cons. If you’re wallpapering the bathroom or kitchen, you want a material that will allow your walls to breathe and avoid moisture collecting behind it, so mold doesn't grow. Take your time to look for blue wallpaper that suits your needs. You are not limited to one particular shade or a block color. Work with your desires and think about the room, so you choose the material and style perfect for it.

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