Tips for Using Brick Wallpaper At Home

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Brick wallpaper can help to bring the outdoors into your home. However, you may not want a whole room covered in the paper. It is really important to take some steps to use this type of wallpaper sparingly and get the outcome that you desire. Here are some tips for adding a faux brick wall to your home.

Consider the Outcome that You Desire

Before you start, think about the outcome that you desire. This will give you the idea of where to apply the brick wallpaper around your home and the type of wallpaper to use. There are different designs of brick, including red clay and traditional brown bricks used outside homes. Think about whether you want a brick background or for it to stand out in the room.

Apply it One Half

Consider only applying the brick wallpaper to one half of the wall; the bottom half is usually the best for the brick wall texture. You can then paint or use other styled wallpaper at the top to add style. This works really well if you have a wooden boarder along the centre of your room and looks great in dining rooms or living rooms.

Use It on Just One Wall

Don't use brick wallpaper on a lot of different walls. Try to emphasis the style by adding it to one wall, such as in an alcove or around your mantelpiece. It will draw the attention to that wall and make your style stand out. You can still add photo frames and shelving units but try to have them on the other walls to really make the brick stand out.

Only Use One Type of Brick

You may like the different types and colors of bricks but only use one within your brick wall wallpaper. Too much and it will look too messy. You want to look stylish with this design. You could use different styles for different rooms though but try not to do that too much.

There are many ways to use brick wallpaper in your home. It is a great way to bring the outside into your home at a reasonable cost. Take your time to think about the style that you want and avoid overusing this style of wallpaper.

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