Using Accent Walls to Breathe Life into a Boring Room

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Using Accent Walls to Breathe Life into a Boring Room

An accent wall gives you freedom to include infuse your home with a small dose of your favorite bold color or pattern—one that might look obnoxious covering every wall of your home. If done well, your accent wall will draw attention to the best features of a room and bring sublime character to a boring space. Here are a few tips for perfectly executing this popular design feature.

Highlight Unique Architectural Features

The last thing you want to do is choose an accent wall at random. Every room has a flow, and disrupting it is displeasing to the eye. Use unique features to help you decide, such as a fireplace, or a wall that comes to a point beneath a vaulted ceiling. Ask yourself why you want an accent wall in the first place—is it because you’re afraid to commit to a single vivid color for a whole room? Consider painting the whole room in a less saturated shade. If the color you like isn’t garish to begin with, be bold and paint the whole room!

Use Patterns

Many people think the key to an accent wall is choosing a bright color and painting the other walls neutral. But you can actually have a cohesive color palette, using patterned wallpaper instead of solid color to add a visual dynamic.

Play with Polka Dots

Nothing brings a sense of playfulness like polka dots. We at Home Improvement Leads think this pattern is perfect for a kid’s bedroom or play area. Monochrome colors can keep the fun pattern tasteful and prevent the room from feeling chaotic when colorful toys are scattered all over the place.

Set the Mood

Even those of us who love rich, dark colors find them a little intimidating when they’re dripping off a sponge roller. It’s a pretty big commitment to paint or paper a room a deep shade, especially since this design choice can easily make a room seem smaller. But if you have enough natural light coming in, a dark accent wall can give the space a grounded and sophisticated vibe. If you’re worried about it looking too much like a cave, paint or paper the wall that has the least windows, then hang mirrors to reflect the light coming in. If you’re up for a bigger project, replace your windows with larger ones so you can freely paint the walls the color of your dreams. 

Widen or Elongate the Space  

Vertical striped wallpaper like the “Esprit” style pictured above can increase the perceived length of the wall, while horizontal stripes increase the perceived width. But either pattern might look overwhelming if it covered an entire room. This is the perfect pattern for an accent wall that will make your space look larger and more unique.

Carry the Motif

Sometimes a single accent wall just looks random, no matter how much you tie it into the color scheme or accentuate main furnishings. But whether your feature wall includes stripes, polka dots, or just a solid color, you can play with that motif on the other walls for a more continuous look.

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