Tips for Hanging Grasscloth Wallpaper Perfectly

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Grasscloth wallpaper is commonly used in rooms where you want to create a neutral and calming style. It is often made with natural fibers, whether from bamboo or sea grass (for example) and is one of the most environmentally friendly options you will find. However, to get the beauty and natural calming effect, you need to make sure it is hanged perfectly. Here are some tips to do just that.

Turn Off the Electricity

You will need to make sure the electricity to the room is completely switched off. This is really important for the second step. It will also help to avoid issues while you are hanging around the sockets and plugs. Where possible, cover all the sockets and plugs with tape.

Wash the Walls Down

You want a clean and smooth surface so wash each of the walls down. This removes the dust and dirt and you can see if there are going to be issues with chips or holes in the wall. If you find any problems like this then you will need to sand down the walls and make them as even as possible.

Use a Primer

Use a primer on your wall. This makes the walls ready for the adhesive so the sticking of the grasscloth wallpaper is much easier. You will need to wait for the primer to dry and the time for this will be clearly labelled on the product.

Apply from Top to Bottom

It is best to apply the grasscloth wallpaper from top to bottom. You may need to fold the bottom part of the wallpaper under to be able to apply the top part properly. Get help if you are struggling. This ensures the wallpaper hangs straight, which is really important considering the textures that show through from the natural fibers.

Use a Plastic Wallpaper Smoother

Get the wallpaper as smooth as possible once it has been applied with a plastic wallpaper smoother. This will help to carefully apply the lower parts of the strips.
Stand back and enjoy your masterpiece. It can take time to apply this type of wallpaper but it is worth it in the end. Grass cloth wallpaper is soothing and works for any type of room, so you want to apply it perfectly so you can really enjoy it.

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