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Wallpaper has long been used in homes since the 16th century to enhance and finish living areas, and it is still a good way to add spice to a place lacking liveliness. Wallpaper is available in a wide range of colors, textures and style and may also enhance a child's room or add calm overtones to a living room. It is a good weekend job to tackle yourself, and you can learn how to approach the job wisely by learning how to purchase wallpaper, how to prep your wall space, and how to install it cleanly.

The perfect installation of wallpapers is essential to avoid defects. While they are attractive, a flaw in the fitting is easily shown. Flaws include tears, misaligned designs, air bubbles, and stains. Below are some guidelines to help you hang up your wallpaper and make a beautiful feature wall.

Determine the wallpaper you need for a room

Measure the height of every wall from floor to ceiling and length of every wall with a measuring tape. In case the walls are square, you can add the sizes of the wall all together and multiply this figure by the height of the walls to get the total area. At the retail outlet, read the area every roll of wallpaper contains and divide the section of your room by this figure to know how many rolls to buy. When installing wallpaper, you will use than the exact area of the room since you need to match up the designs on the wall, so purchase extra.

Clean the walls thoroughly.

Start by cleaning the wall space with a normal home cleaner and let it dry before checking the walls for mildew. It is important to remove any mildew before installing wallpaper, since wallpapering over mildew can cause it to spread.

Prepare the Paste and Glue

Most paste and glue mixes need time to set before you apply them to the wallpaper, so make the mixture first to help save some time. Follow the guidelines on your packet of paste and glue. Generally, paste will be applied to the backside of the wallpaper and glue will be applied to the wall surface in a border around where the side of the wallpaper would be applied.

Measure and Cut the Wallpaper

This is the most challenging step if you have a design that repeats and has to be matched. Make sure you start with ample wallpaper to permit an unexpected mistake. Measure the height of the wall. Allow an additional 5cm for trimming. Roll the wallpaper and notice where you have to trim it. Carefully trim the paper using a cutter or knife against a metal ruler or spirit leveler. Roll more wallpaper and match up the design. Trim the wallpaper and throw out the unmatched part.

Use a seam roller on all wallpaper seams.

When you wallpaper a place, you want to make sure you have adhesive on the seams to avoid the paper from peeling, so be careful not to push hard and squeeze the glue or adhesive underneath.

Clean up the seams.

Clean the excess glue with a soaked sponge after allowing the wallpaper set for about fifteen minutes, and make sure the seam areas are clean and without excess glue.

It is very important to smooth the wallpaper surface while is still wet from the paste to make sure all bubbles are pulled out. Continue removing the excess glue, and watch closely any bubbles that will arise as the paste dries.

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