How to Choose Black and White Wallpaper

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Black and white wallpaper can look beautiful but you need to be careful not to overuse it. Depending on the amount of black, it can make a room look depressing and small. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect decision for your home.

Think About the Size of the Room

Dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller. If you already have a small room, you want to look for lighter colors . Search for black and white paper that utilizes more white—you could just have a few dark patterns around.

If you have a larger room, you may consider black wall paper. However, it may be best just on one wall. It can still make a room look depressing. There is the option of adding some white, or even other colors, onto the wallpaper to brighten it up.

You could consider just opting for one wall in the room in the darker colors . This draws the attention to that wall and will prevent it looking too small.

What Design Are You Looking For?

Black and white wallpaper tends to have an antique feel to it. It is possible to get designs that create a 16th or 17th century feel. This all depends on the pattern that you choose. Look at the different options available and keep your design feel in mind. It is possible to get modern day options, such as stripes and other patterns.

Think About the Room

Black and white tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. The monochromatic feel is generally associated with these rooms. That doesn't mean you can only opt for black and white for these rooms though; but you will need to think about the rooms. Look for patterns that suit the room style. For example, stripes may be perfect for bedrooms but be too much for the living room. If you are in doubt, ask for a sample and try them in each room to see what look you get.

Black and white wallpaper can look beautiful and classic but you do need to be careful. Adding it to a small room could make it look cramped and tiny. Too much black can be depressing, so think about the size and pattern to suit your tastes and needs.

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