Bathroom Wallpaper: 5 Essential Tips for a Long Lasting Bathroom

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Bathroom wallpaper can be an affordable solution to boost the look of your bathroom. Paint simply can't beat its style and elegance. If you've ever tried painting stripes or elaborate patterns on your walls, you know how troublesome it can be - not to mention tedious. Below are 5 tips that will help you choose the best bathroom wallpaper and prepare it in a way to make it last for years.
Setting the Mood:
Light tone wallpapers like beige, cream, and white can often make the bathroom appear neat and roomy. If you wish to have a more contemporary look, then green, red, and blue would be the ideal colors to suit your needs. Be careful when picking dark colors because it will often make a small bathroom look even smaller; a good light source will help fix this problem.
Choose Your Design Theme:
Your bathroom should be calming. After all, it's one of the areas in your house most people consider to be a comfort zone. Don't confuse calming with boring. It is necessary that you understand the best way to choose the appropriate bathroom wallpaper that suits your bathroom theme and mood. When in doubt look through magazines to find the perfect bathroom design.
Inexpensive Designer Wallpaper:
Designer wallpaper is fantastic way to deliver color and style to your bathroom decor. Inexpensive and designer are two words that normally wouldn't be in the same sentence, but for bargain hunters inexpensive designer wallpaper isn't as hard to come by as it sounds. You may be lucky enough to get the last remaining rolls from a batch printing, find online auctions that finish below retail, or clearance sales with slashed prices. The best time to find inexpensive designer wallpaper is before the new year because companies normally retire older product lines and launch newer designs.
Hide Imperfections:
One major advantage of bathroom wallpaper is that it's going to conceal flaws and defects in the walls considerably better than paint. In the event the walls are in seriously poor condition however even the best wallpapers are unable to cover this and i suggest you have the walls fixed prior to having any wallpaper put up.
Important Preparations:
Additionally, make sure to follow installation instructions carefully to prevent black mold growth. We suggest preparing walls with mold and mildew tolerant primer. You can also eliminate chances of getting mold by turning the fan on while having showers or baths. This will draw moisture out of the bathroom instead of having it soak into the bathroom wallpaper.


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