About Us

modern wallpaper​We are Los Angeles, California based online retailer dedicated towards providing different designed, competitive priced and stylish modern wallpapers. We have been in this business for the last 7 years which were dedicated to build a reputable and user friendly online existence. The online website is customized for the ease of our viewers and customers. 24/7 high quality customer support enables us to prosper and compete in the designers wallpaper industry.


You can easily search through our wide catalogue of online modern wallpaper designs; up to 2000 top notch designs are available with all kinds of varieties and color combinations. These wallpapers are Germany made and are perfect for your accent walls. Shop by book or by style and visit our online gallery for choosing the right design for your house.


Easy to remove, repair or reuse wallpapers are our specialty or you can say that our special product is the non-woven wallpaper. The nonwoven wallpapers are the most recent fashion / style in wall decorations. Consequently, whether you employ an expert or do it without anyone's help, you can't use it incorrectly, the nonwoven wallpapers are just so simple to use. Nonwoven wallpapers are made of an exceptional mix of characteristic and engineered filaments, making them easy to wash. Nonwoven wallpapers are also having the ability to breathe which means that it will wipe out mold causing “vapor lock”. Since these wallpapers are breathable so this trait makes their use almost perfect for kitchen’s and bathroom’s walls. Another great advantage of using this product is that these wall blankets are having defiant or resistance power against getting torn out. So if you want to remove or reuse it at other walls then don’t worry about it.


Our customers are important for us and their satisfaction means a lot to us. For this reason we also offer samples along with the clearance wallpaper in which you get a minimum 50% off offer.

We have a well organized distribution system which makes our mainland shipping in USA and Canada with a minimum order of $100 fast and free for you. But we are not limited to these areas, we ship internationally too. We distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS & First Class Priority Mail.


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